Daycare & Grooming

DAYCARE: Doggie daycare provides a great opportunity for your dog to socialize off leash with other dogs. The dogs get physical exercise and mental stimulation in a caring environment. A tired dog is a good dog! Dogs are placed in appropriate play groups based on age, size, and temperament. Aggressive dogs are never allowed at Lucky Dogs! All of the dogs enjoy a fun yet structured day under the constant supervision of our highly trained staff. Our indoor facility is climate controlled and the play area is securely contained on all sides. The staff and dogs enter and exit the play area through a double set of doors which prevents any escapes. No one other than the staff has access to the dogs at any time.

GROOMING: We offer professional grooming services to keep your dog looking and smelling great! Regular grooming can benefit all dogs, from puppies to seniors. Our grooming is done with kindness and concern for your dog. We do not use sedation or inhumane handling techniques to groom your dog. We book appointments for every dog, so plan ahead to get the day and time that works best for you and your pup!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours: Closed- Thursday, Novemeber 27th and Friday, Novemeber 28th Closed- Thursday, December 25th and Friday, December 26th !!We are accepting overnight dogs for active clients only!! We wish you all a safe and Happy Holidays!!